SONY 360

360 degree of 36 sony mobile phones


This was a unique project, where Sony Mobile division challenged us to make 360 degrees frames of photos that is stitched together converting it to a 3 second video. A lot of tweaking had to be done with the Sony Experia mobile phones, starting form unrooting, developing the app to capture all images, stitching the video and making it able to upload via instagram.

Sony 360 Degrees is a project of the bullet time frame for photos made from 36 pieces of the Sony smartphone that is interlinked together, and then turns into a video with a duration of 3 seconds. The new project was first held in Indonesia. This was a challenge for Sony's Mobile Division that needed to be completed within a month. By using Java programming language, Javascript and JS node as its server side, along with the help of Wifi technology as a trigger that is connected to the server, we were able to live up to these challenges in just 2 weeks.