Introducing the Indonesian game of Bekel, also known as the ball. This traditional children's game deserves to bounce back and be played all over the world!

Now we are sharing the codes with you at Github.


Besides it being a super fun addictive game. It is absolutely brilliant to improve hand and eye coordination. It demands quick responses and sharp movements. You will need a steady hand as you attempt to swipe the ball & tap the pebbles.

Bekel is a mobile game app for the Iphone. This exciting game is inspired from the traditional game of Indonesian Children. It is good to train their movements and co-ordination. Bekel application was created aroundApril 2014 by using Objektive - C, the programming language developed from C language combined with SmallTalk language style. As for our graphic design, we used Corel Draw resulting in a unique and distinctive look. During its development, when Apple introduced the Swift programming language at the annual WWDC 2014, we immediately updated and changed the programming language jacks to Swift. The goal was to be more efficient.